A great letter introducing B.O. to believers…

Hello Beyond Organic Mission Marketers and Insiders, 

Here is an excellent letter someone in my downline just forwarded to me to promote Beyond Organic. This letter was written by a messianic jewish brother to people who have a heart for the word of Our Creator.  (Thank you David Cohen for such a helpful letter)

Shalom Aleichem!  (Hebrew for “peace to your life”, or “peace be with you”).

                  This is a very unusual letter for me to be writing, but I heard of something that might be good for you and for us.  Everyone is busy these days, so I’ll keep it as short as possible.  Please at least skim it if you don’t have time to read it . A large portion of the content in this letter regards meats, but if you are a health conscious person who does not eat meat, please note this also concerns raw cheese, cultured dairy drinks, probiotic water, probiotic chocolate and probiotic flax oil.   Here are three concerns many of my friends and I all seem to be having in common.

1. Making a living without participating in “the system” with a 9 to 5 job away from our families

2. Staying healthy without doctors preventively by eating food uncontaminated by the chemicals in the industrial food processing system, including product from so-called “health food” stores.

3. Finding a source of food that is “Biblically clean”, that is, not only the Biblically approved types of animals, but also killed by thoroughly bleeding it.

Organic but Not Healthy

Even food with an organic certification can have poisonous chemicals and been processed with disastrous shortcuts.  Though fields are presumed free from pesticides and herbicides for a number of years, produce can still be sprayed with Monosodium Glutamate [1]  (a known brain toxin responsible for exotic modern diseases such as Alzheimer’s, MS, Fibromyalgia, diabetes, etc [2] .) and most packaged “health” foods usually contain large amounts of MSG hidden under various code names.  [3]

Grassfed vs. Grainfed

Grains fed to animals labeled “organic” have to be non-Genetically Modified, but it is completely against nature to feed grain to cows, who thrive much better on a grass-only diet.  [4]    The “organic” farmers care more about increasing production and profits than about the health of the animals and the consumers that eat them.  Humane treatment of animals causes the animal to be healthier, which in turn makes the food from it healthier. [5]

A “Kosher” Kill?

Today, I received a letter from a friend that made me aware of a source of “Biblically clean”, totally grassfed meats.  The Bible tells us not to eat blood.  This can be found in both the Jewish Bible [6] and the Christian Bible [7], yet most organic and, sadly, even grassfed meats are slaughtered by first stunning, thus depositing adrenalins and trapping some blood in the meat [8] .  Any kill done carelessly can hurt the animal and defile the meat, whether “kosher” or otherwise.  But, according to reliable authorities, a careful kosher kill can be the most humane [9] if done properly with care to render the animal senseless as quickly as possible.  This avoids both pain and adrenaline and expells the maximum amount of blood from the meat.  Further, a kosher supervised animal has its organs are inspected and if the animal was sick, the meat is discarded.  Rabbinical “shochets” (butchers) are trained for about 10 years before being certified to properly do this.  But, sorrowfully, even the kosher animals are often raised on overcrowded feedlots and fed grain just like their non kosher counterparts.  You can choose to have your poisons added while the animal is living, or at the time of its death.  Rarely can you find meat products free from both types of contaminants.

Both Kosher and Grassfed-Organic

Thankfully, the Jewish renewal movement has encouraged what is called “Eco Kosher” [10] , which is to say, having all the safeguards of the Kosher Certifying Societies, but in addition, to raise the food in harmony with nature and G-d’s design as well.  There have been a few farmers stepping up to the plate to raise meat that is both properly raised and properly bled.  The meat is priced at around $20 or $25 per pound in the store in small quantities, and since there are so few producers and they are so far away from the cities where the consumers live, delivery adds additional expense. There is now a possible solution on the horizon.

Jordan Rubin

Jordan Rubin [11] , a Jewish Christian, has had a successful lifelong struggle with his health and desires to make his living providing products to help others regain and maintain their health.  He is author of The Maker’s Diet [12] and founder of Garden of Life, Inc., [13] which produces the products:  Primal Defense Probiotic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil [14], etc.  I was told this morning that he has purchased 8000 Acres of farmland in Missouri, is growing superior grasses and raising an exclusive breed of cattle.  One reason many people have difficulty digesting dairy products, even organic, is that the cows have been mis-bred to increase production and a genetic factor called A2-A2 [15] has been lost. 

Biblically Clean and Beyond Organic Meats Available this October

If your desire is to order meat that has been raised right and killed right, or unpasteurized [16] cheese from cows that have been bred and raised right, I am told the new startup “Beyond Organic” will be shipping in October.  If that is the extent of your interest, please visit the link I have provided and sing up for future notices. It is free.  I will get some kind of credit if you use my affiliate link.

http://www.beyondorganicinsider.com/becomeaninsider.aspx?enroller=(Your enroller # here)

The phrase “Beyond Organic” was coined by Michael Pollan in The Omnivore’s Dilemma [17] to describe farmers such as Joel Salatin [18] , the pioneer of returning to pastured livestock.  Many are finding out the health benefits of meat and dairy, contrary to the media’s “cholesterol” scare tactics [19] .  Sadly, this is not going to be Rabbinically Certified Kosher, so I will not be able to offer it to my Orthodox Jewish friends. 

Opportunity to Earn Money Selling These Products

If you have further interest in helping to market these products yourself, as well, there is an opportunity to do so at that link, as well.  These are products I believe in.   I have NEVER worked within a Multi-Level Marketing scheme.  Most seem to no more than hype and no product is ever talked about in their meetings, only how you can become “car qualified”, retire in a few years and make a lot of money, blah blah, etc.  In fact, in my few attempts to look into a couple of them, I was not even able to find out what the product was!  A couple others I could not find a complete ingredients list and could never sell a product I could not verify was good and didn’t believe in.  This is advertised as a “Network Marketing” company, so if this ever turns into a hollow pyramid scam, I will personally contact everyone who came in through me and immediately let them know my concerns.  If you’re not willing to hear from me later should that ever happen, please enter this through someone else, because I don’t want your blood on my hands.  Otherwise, please use my link, since I will get some sort of credit if you do.  It is free.  Please feel free to examine the website and ask me any questions you have.  I will try to learn as much as I can about this, so we can enter this together from an educated position and not one of a brain-dead-fanatic-zombie joining a financial cult.

http://www.beyondorganicinsider.com/becomeaninsider.aspx?enroller=Your enroller # here


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