Next Beyond Organic Conference Call Sunday July 24th, 8 P.M.

Hello Beyond Organic Insiders!

There is a a brand new document on the Beyond Organic Insider website called Advancement Chart. It was just added this morning! Please sign in and check it out. It is very helpful. 

More than 100 Insiders from our team joined the conference call I held a few nights ago. That is great! But it also means many of you missed it. I will try to get a copy of the recording posted on my site soon.

Many of you signed up for free as Insiders. As your team leader, I want to keep you updated as much as possible and help you all be very successful at becoming a Mission Marketer for Beyond Organic. It’s now time to take the next step!

Enrollment has opened and Beyond Organic offered us a special deal last week at the Founder’s Conference. They are letting us each purchase up to 4 Founder’s Packages, instead of allowing only two packages. This special offer will be available for ONE more week until July 31st at noon.

To learn why this is a great deal and all the other benefits for enrolling as soon as possible, I’m going to host another conference call Sunday Night, July 24th, at 8 pm EST.

call in number 712-432-0900
Access Code: 509498

Please try to make this important call, but you don’t have to wait to get enrolled! You can log in now to your Beyond Organic page and download the enrollment applications now and fax it. The sooner the better, and you are not charged until October.

There are 3 levels to join:

Retail Customer: No Fee
Preferred Customer: $19.95 per year (fee is waived if you are on auto ship)
Mission Marketer: $39.95 per year or $199.95 per year

If you are not sure what level is best for you, please contact me so we can set up a time to discuss your options over the phone.

The $199.95 level gives you the best opportunity to make a substantial income from this and you are not billed until October.

Also, buying 4 Founder’s Packages automatically moves you to the manager Level. You only are able to do that until July 31st! It is highly recommended to purchase at least 2 Founder’s Packages.

I’ll explain more in the call Sunday night, but I’m here to help you anytime.  
Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank You!
Your Beyond Organic Team Leader
Paul Nison

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