New Founder’s Qualifications Chart Just Added to the Beyond Organic Website

Hello Beyond Organic Insiders, 

I may have missed this one but I believe it was just added to the Beyond Organic Insider website under the Tools and Training section in your back office. If this chart is new or not it’s good because I’ve been getting many questions about what it means to be a founder. The document can be viewed on their site in a PDF form but since it was simple I was able to cut and paste it here below. I would love to help everyone in my download become a founder.

You must purchase a Founder’s Package to qualify to become a founder. No matter how big we ever become, if we do not purchase at least one founders pack, we can never become a founder. I suggest getting two founders packages so you get an extra 10% on your enrollers first order. But at least get one if you can. Remember you are not billed until October.

**They are only offering 10,000 founder packages and I know at least half have already be sold.

Become a Beyond Organic Founder

What are the benefits of becoming a Founder?

• Priority seating at all company events.

• Mission Marketers that are qualified as Founders are eligible for
the Founder’s Bonus.

• The bonus is paid from a pool that is equal to 1% of the total
company point value (PV) paid out for the entire year.

• Each Founder qualified to receive the bonus is paid an equal share
of the 1% pool.

What is the criteria to be eligible to become a Founder?

• To qualify for the bonus a Mission Marketer must meet the following

• Enroll (as a Mission Marketer) on or before October 15, 2011.

• Purchase the Business Builder Kit.

• Purchase the Founder’s Product Pack.

• Obtain the rank of Vice President within the Beyond Organic
compensation structure by December 31, 2011.

• The bonus is paid yearly. It is paid at the close of the 1st quarter of
the following year. For example, the bonus for 2011 will be paid at the
end of March 2012.

What is required to maintain Founder status?

• For 2012 and later, have been paid as level of Vice President or above
in 12 out of 12 calendar months yearly. The list of eligible Founders
will be updated on a yearly basis.


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  1. Where do we go to purchase this?


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