Next steps to take after you have become an Insider

Next steps to take after you have enrolled as an Insider

1-Keep an excel sheet of names and emails whenever someone under you joins. When October comes, we will each have our own site or database, but for now we have to manually do it.

2-Email an Introduction Letter to the Insider who signed up under you.

3-Encourage them to enroll as soon as possible. There are 3 different ways to enroll, but the Mission Marketer Level ($199.00) would be wisest for them and you.

4-Have them visit to review what they may have missed and also get the latest information about Beyond Organic. They should subscribe to this site to be kept informed.

5-Help them to build their team. Teach them how to get others to join.
E-mail them a copy of marketing tips and suggestions found on this site.

6-Keep in touch with them. You will know how serious they are in their efforts to keep in touch with you.

If you only have a few people enrolled now, you can try calling them personally. But if you have many, emailing them is the most simple way. However, if you have someone under you who has many people signed up, try phoning them personally.

7-Do not waste your time with people who havesigned up for free but do not seem to want to do more. It is okay to send them information, but if they are not interested, try following up with them in the future, or just come right out and ask them their concerns and questions, and tell them you will find answers for them.

8-Follow the same marketing tips as Tip #5 found on this site to get more people signed up under you.


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