What does it mean to be a chairman for Beyond Organic?

Q. What does it mean to be a chairman for Beyond Organic? 

A. Here is the document that describes what a Chairman is from the Beyond Organic Insider Website. There are many extra benefits and bonuses to being a chairman.

Become a member of the Beyond Organic Chairmen’s Team

What are the benefits of becoming a Chairman?

• Chairmen’s Team members will be acknowledged quarterly and the team
will be determined at the end of each calendar year.

• Chairmen’s Team members will receive a complimentary trip to the
Beyond Organic Ranch and Springs properties.

• Priority seating at all company events.

• Special recognition at all company events.

Chairmen’s Team bonus is paid from a pool that is equal to 1% of the total
company point value (PV) for the year.

• The Chairmen’s Team bonus is paid pro-rata based on each qualified
Mission Marketer’s earnings in the year and the total earnings from the

25 qualified Mission Marketers.

What are the criteria to be eligible to become a Chairman?

To qualify for the Chairmen’s Team bonus a Mission Marketer must be
one of the top 25 income earners within each calendar year.

• The bonus is paid annually at the close of the 1st quarter of the
following year. For example, the bonus for 2011 will be paid at the end
of March 2012.

• Only Executive Vice Presidents or higher are eligible for the
Chairmen’s Bonus.

What is required to maintain Chairman status?

• The Chairmen’s Team is comprised of the company’s top 25 income
earners determined on a yearly basis.


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