Benefits of Beyond Organic Beef and Dairy, CLA.

When discussing the benefits of Beyond Organic Beef and Dairy, Jordan Rubin frequently talks about “CLA”. It is well established that grass fed beef has 3 to 5 times the amount of CLA as commercialized grain fed beef. We can assume that 100% “Green Fed” beef is even better than merely “grass fed” beef which must only have a certain portion of their diet coming from grass. But what is CLA?

I stumbled across a recent article written by Dr. Mercola. He has no financial interest in CLA from beef so it is nice to see a non-biased perspective when it comes to conjugated linoleic acid from beef. He writes:

“If you are steering away from red meat due to the negative press on saturated fats, you may be happy to hear that a very powerful fatty acid primarily found in beef and dairy products has been linked to long-term weight management and health.

This potent nutrient is called conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, and the best possible sources of CLA are grass-fed beef and raw dairy products that come from grass-fed cattle.”

Read more about CLA on

Source of this article is Dr.



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