Beyond Organic’s A2 Milk Herd

Beyond Organic will have the United State’s largest A2 beta-casein cattle herd.  Why is this so important?

It is believed by many in the scientific community that the majority of our milk might be contribuiting to some of the diseases so prevalent today, specifically cardiovascular disease.

Milk protiens come in two types, whey and casein.  Casein comprises about 80% of the total protien in milk, and of that protien there are A1 and A2 beta-casein.  Cows pass down either A1, A2 or both to their offspring just like we pass down eye color to our children.  A thousand years ago the majority of cattle were A2 then the genetically mutated A1 strain appeared.  The original A2 milk is generally produced in Africa, Asia and France, and also in goats milk.  Upwards of 90% of cattle in the US are A1 cattle, but Beyond Organic’s dairy herd will be 100% A2 beta-casein cattle.  Beyond Organic’s Amasai, Raw cheeses and all other products made with diary will come from A2 cattle.

If you are interested more in this science, there’s a great book called “The Devil in the Milk” by Dr. Thomas Cowan.

Source of this article is Posted by wordpress blog beyondorganicforlife on July 20, 2011


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