Introducing SueroViv

Many of you may now know about Beyond Organic, but what you didn’t know is there is going to be a new product that blows coconut water – out of the water!

It’s called SueroViv™. It means “whey of life” – it is THE ORIGINAL probiotic water. You remember the nursery rhyme – “Little Miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet, eating her “Curds and Whey.” Throughout history – whey has been a highly celebrated beverage. Whey is a tart, golden liquid. It has been known to Greek doctors as “healing water.” Hippocrates and Galen often recommended whey to their patients. Throughout history it has been called “Old Man’s Drink” because of the way it revives the body. Whey contains a huge spectrum of whole food nutrients and co-factors that are rich in probiotics, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium along with zinc, selenium and 7 B vitamins. Whey is a natural by product of cheese and yogurt making. It is a Whole food cultured probiotic beverage, a living tonic elixir with a great taste. It contains 10 times the potassium of sports drinks and is cultured with powerful probiotics. It contains 125mg calcium per 8oz – 250mg acidified calcium per bottle along with the electrolytes and naturally occurring sodium. Of course, it will be from Green Fed Cows – cultured with living organisms – flavored and sweetened with organic fruit juice and honey – enhanced with organic essential oils. There will be 3 flavors – Citrus, Berry and Ginger! The cost will be only $3.00 per 16.9 oz bottle. Get excited to try this fabulous – new, but old, beverage.

SueroViv™ is available exclusively at Beyond Organic

It’s not “Suero Vive”, nor “Sueroviva”, nor “suerovive” but Suero Viv from Spanish “whey” and “Viva” in french… only without the a or e… So let’s just say that it is a new name unique to Beyond Organic.

Source of this post Dr.haley 

The Original Probiotic Water 
Whole Food Cultured Probiotic Beverage

A Living Tonic Elixir
Great Taste –flavor is similar to popular sports drinks, but with 10x the Potassium
Cultured with powerful probiotics
125 mg Calcium per 8oz serving – 250mg Calcium  per bottle
Electrolytes along with naturally occurring Sodium
Half the sugar of store‐bought juice and juice drinks
Compare to Kombucha, Coconut Water

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