Two Important Updates For Beyond Organic Insiders 5/27/11

Hello Beyond Organic Insiders, 

I have two important updates to tell you about! But first, now is the time to enroll as a Mission Marketer! If you have enrolled for free as a Beyond Organic Insider and not enrolled at one of the different levels, then please look at your Back Office on the Beyond Organic website and decide which level is best for you to enroll. 

Two Important Updates:

1. You can now officially sign up with Beyond Organic in your back office! And it can all be done on-line! Now is the time to do it! You will not be charged on your credit card until October!

2. There are only two days left if you decide you would like to purchase four Founder’s Packages. Purchasing four packages will automatically put you at the Manager’s Level and give you an extra 3% on your level one orders. You also will qualify for an extra 10% on level one 1st orders plus the usual 7% for a total of 20% off their 1st orders. After July 31st, you will only be able to buy two Founder’s Packages.

Do we need to buy the Founder’s Packages?

No, you do not need to, but if you would like to get the most commission on the orders of your down-line and also be eligible to become a Founder, you must purchase at least one of the packages while they last. Beyond Organic is only offering 10,000. They have at least 30,000 people signed up and most people are ordering 2 to 4 packages each, so once they run out you will no longer be eligible to become a Founder in the future no matter how much you do.

Do we need to enroll at one of the levels? 
If you would like to get a discount on product or receive commission when others place an order you do. Otherwise you can remain a retail custom. There is no annual free to be a retail customer.

If you haven’t already told your downline about this blog to be kept informed, please let them know they can register for free

Your Beyond Organic Team Leader,
Paul Nison

P.S. It is important that you keep your downline informed and get them to enroll, so please pass this information to them promptly.


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