Beyond Organic Insider Program Ends October 2011

While the “Insider” program continues to be a wildly successful pre-launch tool, it was only intended to be a temporary measure until Beyond Organic officially launches this October (2011). This means between now and October, all Insiders need to think about what they would like to get out of Beyond Organic.

For those who wish to become Mission Marketers, Beyond Organic is now accepting applications. The yearly membership fee is $39.95, and makes you an “official” member of Beyond Organic. For those who want to take Mission Marketing to the next level, Beyond Organic is offering a Business Builders Pack for $199.95. The Builders Pack includes:

  • Your Mission Marketer membership
  • 6 of Jordan’s new books
  • Promotional CDs, DVDs, business cards
  • 60 hours at the Beyond Organic University
  • Other intellectual property

Purchasing a Business Builders Pack is essential for anyone who wants to become a Beyond Organic Founder. It also qualifies you to receive Business Builder bonuses ($100/E1, $30/E2, and $20/E3). I’m urging everyone who is serious about Mission Marketing to buy a Business Builders Pack.

Beyond Organic recognizes that not everyone wants to become a Mission Marketer. This is why they intend to offer a Preferred Customer program. For $19.95 a year, you can register as a Preferred Customer with Beyond Organic. As a Preferred Customer, you can buy Beyond Organic products through an independent Mission Marketer at discounted prices.

For those in my network, please be sure and let me know how I can help you in this process. My #1 goal is to help you get the most out of Beyond Organic. If you haven’t already, please let your downline know about so they can be updated with the latest news. It would be best if they subscribed to this site so they got automatic updates.

I’d like to help everyone get the most out of Beyond Organic but this is a team effort so please forward this update to them and let them know, now is the time to sign up as a mission marketer.


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