Building a Successful Business with Beyond Organic

Hello Insiders and Mission Marketers, 

I want you to know I’m committed to the success of my downline.  This is why I have a found proven strategy and plan for helping you to build a successful business with Beyond Organic. I didn’t develop this on my own. Rather, I’m passing on to you what I have been taught by my network leaders (upline) who have decades of experience.

How you choose to build your network may be the most important decision you make. Here is why. Building a network properly creates stability, promotes growth, and maximizes income potential for everyone. Imagine spending months, or even years, building your network only to have it come crashing down because it was improperly built, or became unmanageable. Unless you put into practice what the pros already know, this is a very likely scenario.

The secret is to use proven techniques that set you up for success. One such technique is called ”Get 4 – Help 4.” Here is how it works.

Step 1. Come up with a list of 25 to 100 people.
Step 2. Make contact with each person, and share Beyond Organic with them. 
Step 3. Get 4 people who really see the vision and potential of Beyond Organic.
Step 4. Help those 4 people find 4 people of their own.
Step 5. Coach your 4 to help their 4 do the same for their downline.

If you successfully complete one iteration of “Get 4 – Help 4″, this is what your network will look:

As you can see, this technique will help you to build a stable, successful network. In addition, by duplicating yourself, your network will grow exponentially! It will also be much easier to manage since the work load is being evenly distributed. This is very important because we want to work “smarter” not “harder.” By the way, if every one of the E1s and E2s above duplicated this in 1 year, your network would have over 400 people!

So what do you do after your 4 have 4 of their own? You get 4 more and repeat the process. Now, it is important to note that most likely one of the four will quickly excel, two will make slower progress, and the fourth person may not progress at all. The key is, as soon as one person has gotten traction and is making progress, get another person to invest in.

If you are in my network, and have not yet made an appointment to speak with me about building a successful business with Beyond Organic, please be sure to do so. Your success is important to me.

Your Beyond Organic Team Leader

Paul Nison


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