More Helpful Questions and Answers

Hello Insiders and Mission Marketers, 

Here are several questions that some people have been asking me. I pray this is helpful to you. Remember look over all the documents and if you don’t understand something I’m here to help.


A. Sign into your Beyond Organic Insider account at and you can fill in the application form right there.

 Q. Where is the price list for all these wonderful products?

A. Visit the product page on the tabs under Explore on this site.
Click here 

 A. Do we have any idea what shipping & handling will cost or be like?
This is the only thing Beyond Organic doesn’t have yet but they are working on the rates. They are not adding any extra fees to ship and they are shipping from the middle of the country, Kansas City. They are going to ship UPS or Fedex Ground.

Q. Will you be able to drop ship your products to a different address other than the mission marketer address. Yes, we can do that. 

A. Yes Beyond Organic will be able to drop ship to a different address when the order is placed. I’m not sure yet if they will split ship an order to two different addresses. I’ll have to find out.


Q. If a person doesn’t meet the level of points each month under a certain level, do they just keep going back and forth? For example one month a manage, next month a vp, next month a manager, or do they have to maintain a certain level for several months before they move to the next level?

A. They keep the highest title they have reached, but they will be paid at whatever level they reach each month. So if you reach VP one month and then fail to meet it the next, your Title is still VP but you will be paid at whatever rank you are that month.

Q. Someone else asked if products will have labels?
A. Yes all product will have labels.

Q. Someone else wants to know, if they pay for shipping will you have sample options?
A. As far as I know we do not have a plan for samples, but that could change with time.


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