Beyond Organic Back Office Updates

Hello, Beyond Organic Insiders and Mission Marketers,One of my top people in my downline, Dr. Michael Haley,  just made an excellent quick video that shows some of the changes to the Beyond Organic back office.  If you are already familiar with the products, and know how to copy and send your enrollment link, and know about the new video on your enrollment page, and know where to get the current events, etc., there is no need to watch this video. But I suggest everyone look at this quick video thats only seven minutes.

Make sure you tell your new enrollees to subscribe to so they can be keep updated with all the latest happenings with Beyond Organic.
Please make sure before sending anyone to my site or sharing any other video’s with them that have had them sign up using your enrollment link…. just to be safe!  I want them in the right organization from the start – it is easier than fixing it after the fact.
Thank you Dr. Michael Haley for this great helpful video.
Yours Truly,
Paul Nison

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  1. Posted by debbie on September 1, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    hi-I have another question-what happens if I build my team with beyond organic and one of the people I brought into the business happens to surpass my rank. Do they “breakaway” from my business and I no longer receive any benefit/pay from having introduced them to the company? Or do I still continue to receive from their growth? So long as I am still active—


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