Frequently Asked Questions About Beyond Organic

The Beyond Organic launch is quickly approaching!
Below are frequently asked questions and answers to help get you ready for November 1st.

1. Do you have Beyond Organic food samples available now?
We currently have Founder’s Packs available for purchase that contain an assortment of our food and beverages. Individual sample packs are not available at this time, however, the Founder’s Pack is a great way to share and sample products.

 2. Do the percentages in the compensation plan represent dollar amounts or point amounts?
The percentages in the compensation plan represent point amounts.

3. Why do I need more than one Founder’s Pack?
There are several reasons to purchase more than one Founder’s Pack. It makes it possible to share products immediately while talking to prospects one-on-one. For example, allow them to eat a chocolate bar or drink a Reign Infusion while sharing the opportunity. Also, you’ll be able to equip a NEW Business Builder, so they can experience the products immediately without waiting. This speeds up your business tenfold. Ordering more than one Founder’s Pack is also beneficial because it gives you the ability to turn on additional CASH bonuses. When purchasing a minimum of two Founder’s Packs, you immediately qualify to receive the 10% First Order Bonus on all your personally enrolled future Mission Marketers.

4. Can I sign up as a Charitable Foundation or business?
Yes, you can sign up as a Charitable Foundation or business. We would just need the federal ID number and correct name of the business. If you have any questions about this please contact customer service at

5. When will my Mission Marketer kit arrive?
The Mission Marketer kits will be shipped at the same time as the Founder’s Packs this November.

6. When will Mission Marketers get access to the personalized websites?
Mission Marketers will gain access to websites and marketing resources this November.

7. Where do I register for Jordan’s weekly webinars? 
You no longer need to register for webinars. Webinars will now be pre-recorded and posted on the Beyond Organic website every Friday afternoon by 5 p.m. Be sure to check your back office for past webinars as well.

8. Am I eligible to be a founder?
To be eligible to be a founder you must enroll as a Mission Marketer by October 31, 2011, purchase a Business Builder Kit, purchase at least one Founder’s Pack and obtain the rank of VP within the Beyond Organic compensation structure by December 31, 2011.

9. Why is it important to sign up as a Mission Marketer before October 31, 2011?
Beginning November 1, if you are not registered as a Mission Marketer, you will forfeit bonuses earned during the pre-launch period. Sign in to your back office and click on “Register as a Mission Marketer” to secure your spot and be eligible for commissions.

10. Where can I find additional information about Beyond Organic?
Your back office is where you can find an assortment of Beyond Organic information. Please be sure to check regularly for company updates, new product information and more!

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  1. i am a preferred customer as of jan 25th i would like to order more i go to livebeyondorganic .com login then name and password go to shop find the product i want add to cart and nothing happens it goes away can you help me


  2. I loved Jodan’s show so much that I began to look him up on the internet. I am going to purchase his book on the Bible Diet. I know it was not by accident that I saw his show. God had been dealing with me about eating organtic and juicing. I loved the prayer that he prayed at the end of his show so much that I’ve told several of my friends about him. Is there any way that you could email me a copy of the prayer he prayed at the end of his show? Thanks, Angie W my email is


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