Beyond Organic Autoship Made Easy


Good Morning Team-The following is an important helpful post from David and Lucinda Robinson excellent blog to help keep us updated about Beyond Organic.

To receive the commission benefits as a Mission Marketer we must order a minimum of 150 PV (point value) per month OR 100 PV (point value) through the autoship program.

Select products you would like and add up their respective PV (point value) to reach the requirement. Attached is the price chart showing the PV (point value) for each product.
Click here for the pricing chart.

Our first monthly order for December must be submitted by the end of this month (November) so DO NOT WAIT. With daily activities and the upcoming holidays it would be very easy to forget.

Autoship is certainly the best option as it requires less product to be ordered and it is automatic, thus removing the possibility of forgetting each month. You can adjust the items in your autoship order from month to month so long as you make the changes before 14 days of your requested ship date.

We suggest you place your autoship order this weekend by the 20th.

To setup autoship from your Business Center, go to Autoships on the Business Center menu and choose Add.

Click here for a Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Your business income depends on meeting the necessary requirements to be “active” so do this today!

David and Lucinda Robinson

Thank You to Wesley Robinson for this important update


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