A Beyond Organic Thanksgiving Message

Here is the latest official post from Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic Family,

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I am humbled when I try to wrap my mind around all the blessings to be thankful for. I have heard from so many of you about your excitement surrounding our Beyond Organic foods and beverages. We know we have a lot of work to do to launch this mission to great heights, but the thing we are most encouraged by is that fact that you love our products as much as we do.

The entire team at Beyond Organic has been working around the clock for the last two months leading up to this Thanksgiving break. The dedication and servant attitude displayed by our employees is at the top of my list of blessings to be thankful for – almost as high on the list as my gratitude to you – for your prayers and words of encouragement, for your support, for your time and energy . . . and mostly for your belief.

It is a very busy season for all of us at Beyond Organic (if you don’t believe that, read the update from the team below)—but my sincere hope and prayer for you is that you have a peaceful, restful and joyful Thanksgiving holiday. Most of all, we give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His love endures forever!

To living beyond organic,

Jordan S. Rubin

Updates for our Mission Marketers and Preferred Customers:

  • Live Order Processing – we wanted to let everyone know that we are now taking open orders for any and all customers, with real time live credit card processing. After the Thanksgiving Holiday, we will be catching up on our backlog of orders and new orders taken will be shipped out shortly after.

End of the Month:

  • Month End – is always a busy time, so it is especially important that you make sure everyone on your down line team has a qualifying order in with a valid credit card payment – before end of day Nov. 30th
  • Don’t Wait For Last Minute – the deadline to get your order in to count towards November business is Nov 30that midnight Pacific. You MUST have your order placed online, with a valid credit card and order confirmation by this time to guarantee credit for November business. We will make every effort to support your new orders with extended customer service hours on Nov. 28 – 30th– but PLEASE don’t wait for the last minute, and please place your order online so that we can make sure all your team’s orders count for you in November’s bonus and commission payouts.

SueroViv Update:

  • For those of you that have still not received your SueroViv order, we want you to know that production is flowing, and we have sent out the vast majority of these orders this week, and will complete SueroViv shipments next week.
  • One important question about refrigeration and shipments. SueroViv is a cultured/fermented beverage and is very stable at room temperature. Therefore, we ship it unrefrigerated, just like Reign Supreme or Reign Infusions. We do recommend you refrigerate it when you receive it, but do not be concerned about the temperature during shipment.

Hot Dog Tip from Jordan:

  • Our GreenFinished Hot Dogs are pre-cooked and are encased in a beef casing. Our recommended preparation method is to slice the hot dogs and sauté in coconut oil or butter along with a bit of Celtic Sea Salt or Herbamere seasoning; along with veggies such as onions as you would sausage. We do not recommend boiling as it drives out flavor.
Please read carefully through the following information
Business Builder Bonus:
In order to receive a Business Builder Bonus in the month of November you must do the following:
– Signup as a Business Builder ($199.95)
– Maintain Active Status* (Please see the “Active Status” pertaining to the month of November.)

Important note regarding the Business Builder bonus:
In order to receive the Business Builder Bonus for the month of November you must become a Business Builder by midnight Pacific Time on November 30, 2011.
If you sign up as a Mission Marketer, and not as a Business Builder, you have 30 days to pay the difference of $160 in order to start receiving a Business Builder Bonus on future personally sponsored Business Builders.  After the 30 day period, you can only start to receive the Business Builder Bonus by accumulating 1,000 PPV over any period of time.

November/December Active Status:  Exclusively for November 2011 and December 2011.
In order to achieve “Active Status” and receive commission/bonus pay for November 2011 and December 2011, you must order at least 100PV by be the end of each of these months. Founders Packs and Change Your Diet packs will count toward your active status.

Commission/Bonus Pay: 
The first bonus pay, to all Mission Marketers who qualify, will be December 2, 2011. This bonus will include the Business Builder Bonus, the first order bonus, and retail commissions.  The first monthly bonus and commission pay to all Mission Marketers who qualify will be paid the week of December 12th.

Important note regarding Commission/Bonus Pay:
The weekly bonus that will be paid on December 2, 2011 will include all bonuses earned 10/30/11 thru 11/26/11.  This bonus pay does not include the week of November 28th. The bonus from dates 11/27-12/3 will be paid out on 12/9.  The monthly bonus and commission pay that will be paid the week of December 12thwill include all monthly bonuses and commissions earned 10/30/11 thru 11/30/11.

Beginning December 2011 the Commission/Bonus Pay will be paid out in the following manner:
Business Builder Bonus, First Order Bonus & Retail Commission: Paid Weekly starting December 2nd.  Monthly Bonuses & Commissions: Paid during the following mid-month. Example: December 2011 commission will be paid mid-January 2012.  Monthly Bonuses & Commissions Include: Healthy Living Account, Enroller Bonuses, Level Bonuses, and Generational Bonuses.

Founders Program Extension:
If you currently qualify* to become a Founder, you now have until January 31, 2012 to obtain the rank of Vice President as stated in the Beyond Organic compensation plan.  Please see compensation rules regarding maintenance at the Vice President position.
*Must have purchased a Business Builder Kit and at least 1 Founders Pack prior to 11/1/11.

Important note regarding the Founders Program Extension:
After you reach the Vice President position in January 2012, you must maintain the Vice President position every month (or a higher position) for the remainder of the calendar year in order to receive the Founder Bonus for 2013. The first week of January 2013, Beyond Organic will announce who our 2013 Founders are and will disperse the yearly bonus. For complete Founder details please see the “Founders Document” located in the “Library Generator”.
– 2012 Founder Bonus will be paid 4/30/12
– 2012 Founder Qualification Period 11/1/11 thru 1/31/12
– Founders Bonus includes a 1% bonus of the total accumulated company point value for the previous year.  This total of 1% is split evenly amongst all Founders.

First Order Bonus
In order to qualify to receive the First Order Bonus you must purchase at least 500 PPV during the month of November. This can include multiple orders placed and purchased by November 30. You then become qualified to receive 10% of your E1’s first order.

Insider Conversion
Currently in the back office, Insiders who have not upgraded to Mission Marketer or Preferred Customer are listed as a “Retail Customer”. Any Insider that activates as a Mission Marketer prior to November 30, 2011 will be eligible for the first monthly bonus & commission pay in December. Insiders (Retail Customers) who don’t activate by November 30, 2011 will be removed from the system and lose any downline formation they had.

Enroller Compression
During November and December 2011 you will receive a bonus on your E1 & E2 (directly enrolled). If your E1 or E2 is an Insider who has not upgraded, your bonus will be calculated by finding the 1stand 2ndactive mission marketer or preferred customer in each of your independent organizations (legs). You must hold “active status” to receive any bonus and/or commission. Starting December 2012 (after Insiders are removed from the system) if your E1 or E2 is not active, the enroller bonus will not search within your organization to find the next active mission marketer.

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