Beyond Organic Update 12-21-11

Just wanted to give everyone an updated about Beyond Organic.

The Beyond Organic commission plan is more than generous. They paid out more $ for a first month than any company in history but that’s not the part people want to talk about, but rather what they should be getting moving forward.

*BO has helped us all so much the first month by making people have to spend $399.00 for their first order. Sales in this 2nd month will come down almost by half but this is not a bad thing. It’s more realistic to how it would have been if BO didn’t help us so much the first month.

*People did get their orders late may not order until they run out of product. Since some people will still have product they may not reorder until later this month or next month

*We need to remind everyone in our download to place their auto ship order for the month so they stay active.

*Please ask everyone in your downline if they have any questions or need help

*I suggest you be in touch with the people in your top line at least once a week. It would be best to speak to them via the phone if possible.

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