Beyond Organic Auto Ship Policy as of January 1, 2012

Dear Mission Marketer,

Beyond Organic just posted this to their website. It is important information so please read below and forward this to your downline asap.

As of January 2012, Beyond Organic will institute a new auto ship policy that will allow you to maintain an uninterrupted supply of Beyond Organic foods and beverages while staying “Active” within Beyond Organics’ compensation structure. CLICK TO CONTINUE

Due to the fact that shipping perishable foods and beverages requires a great deal of strategy and care to ensure fresh and timely delivery, we have limited the number of days an auto ship order can be processed and shipped within each calendar month. As of January 2012, Mission Marketers and Preferred Customers in Beyond Organic can have an active auto ship order from the 1st through the 20th of each calendar month. Auto ship orders cannot be processed for “active” status after the 20th of each month.

As a point of Instruction, we would like to share with you the following best practices for placing an initial order and subsequently setting up auto ship, so that you and your team members can ensure eligibility to receive all monthly and weekly bonuses and commissions beginning your very first day in the business.

Here’s How It Works

When a new Mission Marketer or Business Builder enrolls, they should complete the enrollment process, then promptly proceed to their new back office to place minimum of a 100 personal point volume (PPV) purchase (this should be done through the regular “shop” section of the back office, not the “auto ship” section). This would ensure that the new Mission Marketer would be active and eligible to receive commissions and bonuses from their very first day with Beyond Organic. (Remember, “active status” is required for Mission Marketers who want to receive bonuses and commissions on a weekly and monthly basis).

After each new Mission Marketer places their initial purchase of 100 PPV, they should then go immediately to the “auto ship” section of their back office and submit their custom auto ship order of at least 100 PPV for all subsequent months. This would ensure a custom monthly shipment of Beyond Organic products being delivered to their home and would offer the ability to build an organization without compromising any potential bonuses and commissions:

Important information to note regarding auto ship policy:

The 100 PPV non-auto ship order placed during the first month is sufficient for new Beyond Organic Mission Marketers during their first month of enrollment only. If a Mission Marketer does not have an active auto ship order during their second calendar month then the personal point volume requirement for active status would increase to 150 PPV.
Auto ships can be customized from month to month. However due to the limitations of our system, when creating a different auto ship than the previous month, the previous auto ship order would need to be cancelled, and the new one submitted.
You may choose to have more than one active auto ship per month to be shipped on various dates during the month. The total PPV from each auto ship order would be combined when calculating your monthly auto ship PPV.
Shipping dates for active auto ships each month are the 1st through the 20th of every month.
Please review Beyond Organic Terms of Agreement for cancellation and return and change policy regarding auto ship orders

Auto ship Program Agreement

The Beyond Organic auto ship program (“Program”) is an optional agreement by which an Independent Missions Marketer or retail client places a continuing (or “standing”) product order to be charged against his/her credit card. By completing and electronically signing this Beyond Organic auto ship Program Agreement (“Program Agreement”), Mission Marketers and clients desiring to participate in the Program agree to the following terms and conditions:

I will specify the quantity of products that I desire to receive on a monthly basis on the attached Program Agreement which is part of this Agreement.

I will supply Beyond Organic, in the space provided on the Program Agreement, valid VISA, MasterCard, Discover/Novus or American Express Card numbers(s) along with expiration dates(s). All purchases made by me pursuant to the Program shall be paid by credit card.

I understand and agree that the products selected on the Program Agreement will be sent to me at the address listed each and every month as I have indicated. Any changes I wish to make to my Auto ship order must be made online and must be my changes are received within 14 days of my next Auto ship shipment date, changes will be implemented after the next order has shipped. The method of payment I have selected will not be charged without my prior written notification.

I understand that Beyond Organic may discontinue or implement price adjustments to the specific products that I have chosen to receive on my Program Agreement. In such situations, Beyond Organic will publish the relevant information in Beyond Organic publications and will continue to fulfill my Auto ship order, unless I direct Beyond Organic to make other arrangements. Prices and shipping fees will be automatically adjusted to reflect any such amendments.

I authorize Beyond Organic to establish an automatic credit card debit arrangement as specified in the Program Agreement to pay for each monthly Auto ship order (to cover product cost, shipping fees and sales tax). Beyond Organic will make no other charges to my credit card account except those that I have authorized. (Sales tax charges may fluctuate in accordance with changes in applicable sales tax rates.) In order to prepare my product to ship on the indicated date, I understand that my credit card may be charged up to 7 days prior to the scheduled shipment date. I shall hold Beyond Organic harmless for all special or consequential damages, whether direct or indirect, resulting from any wrongful debit to my account.

I understand and agree that this Agreement may be immediately terminated without notice if credit card(s) to which product purchases have been charged become expired, canceled, or otherwise terminated.

I understand that I have the right to terminate this Program Agreement at any time, with or without reason. I understand that such termination must be in writing. I understand and agree that Beyond Organic may terminate this Program Agreement at any time, with or without reason, without written notification.

For Beyond Organic Mission Marketers, I understand that the terms and conditions in this Agreement do not supercede or modify in any way the terms and conditions on my Independent Missions Marketer Application and Agreement with Beyond Organic, or Beyond Organic’s Policies and Procedures.

I understand that all products ordered under the Program unless otherwise indicated may be returned according to Beyond Organic’s regular return guidelines then in effect.

I understand that Beyond Organic reserves the right to modify the Auto ship Program at its discretion without prior notice.

I understand that, aside from any Beyond Organic-instituted termination of Agreement, this Agreement will remain in effect until I either change the Agreement by submitting such changes in writing, or I send, in writing, my cancellation of this Agreement to Beyond Organic with my signature, printed name, address and social security number (or Federal Tax ID Number if a business). Cancellation will be effective in the calendar month in which it is received by Beyond Organic, provided that my account has not been charged for that month. Otherwise, cancellation will become effective in the month following the month in which my cancellation notice is received by Beyond Organic.


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