Download and use this video to help promote beyond organic

Hello Mission Marketers,

I just interviewed Jordan Rubin and posted the video to youtube. Here is the video with no website link in the video. This link is for you to download. ***Please don’t share this link with anyone.***

1-Download the link to your computer
*The most simple way I know to do this is to get the video URL (this is the URL

and go to

2-Enter the link into keepvid to download.

3-Once you download it to your computer you can upload it to your youtube page or facebook or blog.

4-when you upload it made sure to put your beyond organic link below the video. Example
**this is my link. don’t use this one, use yours.

In the video I put several times, “to learn more about beyond organic” click on the link below.

When you post your video make sure you enter http:// first. This allows people to just click on the link and it will take them right to your site. From there they will sign up.

***Please share this post with your downline.

***Also remind everyone in your downline to join this site so they will get my future post to help you promote Beyond Organic and build your account.

Contact me if you have any questions


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hello Paul….thanks for the video…it is great….however, when I tried to upload to youtube, it said it was too long….anyway to fix that? Thanks! 🙂


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