We Just got back from the Beyond Organic Conference. Beyond Organic announced many new products available soon. Out of all the new products, SueroGold was the product I liked the best.  It is part of the Suero Viv line of Beyond Organic ealth beverages, but this is non-flavored. It’s just whey and nothing else.

I’m excited because many people have been asking me when Beyond Organic was going to come out with this product and now I can tell everyone that it’s here!

Cultured whey has been prized for thousands of years but is virtually missing in our modern diet.  I’ll be doing a video review on this product soon, but get to the site and order some today.

You can use SueroGold in many different ways. It’s great for soaking grains or nuts and you can use it in just about any recipe.  SueroGold is a great starter  for making cultured veggies such as sauerkarut and kim-chi.


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