Latest news and updates from Beyond Organic April 1st 2012


Just wanted to fill you in on the latest info from Beyond Organic. Please forward this information to your downline.

A PDF version of the new product presentation that was shared at conference is now available in your back office. When you login, go to “Library Generator,” open the “Product Information” folder and view the “New Products Spring 2012” document.

The New Product Pack Is Now Available For Pre-Order

This is an Exclusive Offer for Mission Marketers and Preferred Customers. Login to your back office to order. We still have a small number of new product packs with Founder’s Cheddar available, and when we run out of Founder’s Cheddar we will substitute it with a new Artisan Select Cheddar.

New 2012 Product Pack (Images Available on Facebook)

Be the first to try the new 2012 lineup of products from Beyond Organic. This is your opportunity to pre-order these products for shipment in May. Try the delicious new AMASAI™ flavors, SueroViv™ flavors and our special edition GreenFed™ Raw Founder’s Cheddar.

• 12 pack AMASAI Blueberry Acai
• 12 pack AMASAI Mango Peach
• 3 lbs. GreenFed Raw Founder’s Cheddar (aged 9-12 months)
• 12 pack SueroViv Green
• 12 pack SueroGold™
• $249 (166.5 Points)

*This is a pre-order. Your card will be charged today, and all PV will be credited immediately. However, the product will be shipped within the next 4-6 weeks. You will be notified by Customer Service when the new products are in stock and have been shipped to you.

About the New Products

AMASAI™ Blueberry Acai – Your favorite GreenFed cultured dairy beverage is now available with Blueberry and Acai—two of the most powerful antioxidant foods you can consume.

AMASAI™ Mango Peach – Your favorite GreenFed cultured dairy beverage is now available in Mango Peach flavor. High in Vitamin C and Vitamin A as beta carotene, this is sure to be one of the most popular flavors.

SueroGold™ − Probiotic Cultured Whey. This is a classic that you’ll want to make the new “Gold Standard” for the health of your family. This tart, golden liquid is high in potassium and great probiotic boost your smoothies, shakes and favorite recipes.

SueroViv™ Green − A refreshing and replenishing new way to get your greens. SueroViv Green is a whole food cultured whey beverage alive with probiotics and enzymes and now we’ve combined it with certified organic carrot and wheatgrass juices.

GreenFed™ Raw Founder’s Cheddar – This 9 to 12 month-aged cheddar is a raw, artisanal style Cheddar with Blue Cheese accents and sharp, bold flavor notes. THIS CHEESE IS IN VERY LIMITED SUPPLY SO ORDER TODAY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!


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