Important Beyond Organic Updates

Here are new updates from Beyond Organic as of 4/1/2012

New Product Pack

There may still be a few Product Bundles with Founder’s Cheddar which is aged 9-12 months (yum!). Once the Founder’s cheese is gone, the product pack will still be available with “Artisan Select” cheese. The Artisan Select is from the Artisan’s choice wheels that are aged nearly 9 months. When you go to the back office to order, once the founder’s is gone, the new sku # will be greyed and the new product pack will be listed showing Artisan select cheese in place of Founder’s cheese.

The “New Product Pack” contains:

  • 12 bottles of AMASAI(TM) Blueberry Acai
  • 12 bottles of AMASAI(TM) Mango Peach
  • 12 bottles of Suero Viv(TM) Green
  • 12 bottles of Suero Gold(TM)
  • 3 lbs of GreenFed(TM) Raw Founder’s Cheddar (aged 9-12 months) or “Artisan Select” aged nearly 9 months.

As you can see, the New Product Pack is designed to introduce the Beyond Organic new products as revealed at the Live Beyond Organic 2012 Conference. When you order this pack, expect a 4 to 6 week lag time before you actually receive it. However, your credit cards will be charged now and PV will count immediately. Of course most other Beyond Organic procuts will be shipped immediately.

Earlier today, there were only 23 packs left of the original 400 that come with Founder’s cheese. If you want to try it, order now.

Price $249.00
PV 166.5

“100 For 25”

This is a new incentive program for Mission Marketers. You can find the details in your back office on the dashboard.

Here’s How it Works:

Every time you spend $250 on Beyond Organic food & beverages, you qualify to receive $100 worth of bonus products for only $25.

How to Redeem Your Bonus Products:

After placing a qualifying order of at least $250 through your back office shopping cart, record your order number on the bonus redemption form located on your back office dashboard. Complete the bonus redemption form (available in the back office), and submit it by 12:00 midnight Pacific time via fax to 800-535-4916, or email it There is also on aline submission available in your back office.

Use the order number from your online order to redeem the additional bonus product.

Order 250, get 100 for 25
Order 500, get 200 for 50
Order 750… you get the idea.

Bonus Redemption prices ARE wholesale, not retail (phew!).

Bonus products do NOT accumulate PV.

I just got 3 boxes of Beyond Organic Chocolate for 25 Bucks!

Bonus Product Program FAQs

Q. When do I have to submit my bonus redemption form? Same Day.
Q. What if I place an order for $500, do I get double the bonus? Yup! 200 for 50.
Q. Do the increments have to be in $250 to receive the bonus products? Yes.
Q. Is there point value attached to the bonus products? No, but point value for the qualifying order remains in place.
Q. Is the bonus redemption amount given in retail value or wholesale value? wholesale.
Q. What products does the qualifying purchase include? All existing consumable products and food packs (excluding the New Product Pack). Education material is not included.
Q. What products can I purchase for the $100 for $25 bonus? All existing consumable products and education materials. Packs are not available to redeem with the bonus.
Q. Who can qualify to receive the bonus products? Mission Marketers and Preferred Customers.
Q. Can I combine orders with separate order numbers over a period of time to add up to $250 to receive bonus products? No.
Q. How does bonus product pertain to auto ship? The morning your auto ship is processed (credit card charged) you will receive an email from customer service notifying you that you qualify for bonus products. You will have 3 calendar days to complete the bonus redemption form and submit to customer service by fax 800-535-4916 or email You may want to adjust your autoship to make sure it qualifies for the bonus. As long as your at it… I recommend you set your autoship for early in the month.
Q. Does the qualifying order amount of $250 include shipping or applicable taxes? No
Q. Does a New Product Pack pre-order qualify towards the $250 in order to receive the bonus? No
Q. When I fill out the Bonus Redemption form does my order have to equal exactly $100?When filling out the bonus redemption form your order total can be less than the redemption amount, however your order total cannot exceed the redemption amount. For example, If you are entitled to $100 for $25, your bonus redemption total can be $100 or less and you would pay $25. If your total is $101 or more, your order will not be processed and customer service will contact you to resubmit your redemption form.


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