Important News and Announcements about your Beyond Organic Account

News & Announcements

Time Sensitive Web Changes – Action Required!

As you know, we have been working on many new website changes and enhancements; here is what you can expect along with some important and urgent action items:

– On August 17th we plan to launch the new “front end” changes to your replicated sites. For the most part, your site will still look the same but will have some enhancements to the shopping experience. Your primary website address (example: will not change. However, links to any other pages on your site (such as product pages) will change slightly, so be sure to update those new links on any blogs or third party websites when we launch the new site.

– No More $39.95 – Based on feedback from our trusted Leadership Advisory Council and their teams of Mission Marketers, we have decided to do away with the $39.95 Mission Marketer sign up option beginning August 17th when we launch the new sites. The $199.95 Business Builder Kit will be the only option offered when someone signs up to be a Mission Marketer with Beyond Organic.

– On August 24th we will be launching the new “back office” for your website. With this change you will see some enhanced features and ease of navigation, but you will also notice the removal of a couple of features. The most noteworthy of these changes will be the removal of your “Prospect Generator.” To prepare for this change, you will need to personally export your list of prospects from your Prospect Generator and save them on your computer (we suggest saving them to a backup disk as well.) Please take action on this no later than August 23rd.

Here’s how:

Login to your back office
Click “Prospect Generator”
Change the date range from: Jan 1, 2011 to: (use today’s current date)
Click “Search”
Click “Export” near the top of the page
When the file is done downloading, save it to your computer (and a backup disk if desired)

Auto Ship Improvements

Along with the launch of the new back office (anticipated August 24th); Mission Marketers and Preferred Customers will be able to change their auto ship orders at any time within 24 hours of the processing date. In addition, we will be extending the auto ship order deadline to the 25th of each month, providing you with more flexibility in scheduling your orders.

New Products and Features

We are working hard to bring you some new and exciting products and features. Here’s a brief list of some of what you can expect from Beyond Organic this fall:

Suero Cleanse packages featuring The Suero Cleanse booklet by Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe (August 17th)—includes a free PC Membership for new customers
A Suero Cleanse sales contest called the Cleanse Coach Challenge with cash and product prizes, including a first place cash bonus of $1500
Custom “mybeyondorganic” email addresses for our Mission Marketers
A FREE shipping program
Jordan’s 14-city Beyond Organic mini-conference tour (September-December)
Beyond Organic Skin and Body Care (September)
Delicious new beef, dairy and live foods and snacks (October)
An incentive program to activate inactive Mission Marketers and customers

Reign Veggie Infusion No Longer Available

Due to manufacturing challenges associated with this particular product, we have decided to discontinue Reign Veggie.

First Month Point Rollover

As of July 15th, Mission Marketers who join Beyond Organic after midnight on the 15th of the month will now have their first month’s PV rolled over to count towards their second month’s volume for rank advancement qualification. This point rollover is designed to prevent new Mission Marketers, who are anxious to enter the business, from waiting until the following month to join in order to maximize their first month’s point total for advancement.

Note: Mission Marketers and their upline are still paid on the points in the month that they earn them. The points that are rolling over count towards rank advancement qualification only. They do not replace the required monthly PPV for the new Mission Marketer, and the Mission Marketer is not paid on them twice.

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If you have questions, please contact us at 800-560-3961 or

In Health,

The Beyond Organic Team


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