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Introducing Terrain – Living Herbal Nutrition

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Join Jordan Rubin as he discusses the latest breakthrough in herbal nutrition. Learn how how you can transform your terrain with these powerful, living herbal supplements!

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Important Beyond Organic Compliance Update

I am not to happy that Beyond Organic never told us but I am thrilled about this new compliance update. I just found out we can now use beyondorganic in URL and email addresses.

I was letting compliance know about some sites that were using it and here is their reply to me below. So my advice is to let everyone in your downline to know to get a good URL with Beyond Organic in it and create a nice website. I just confirmed this with Jordan.

Dear Paul,

Using beyondrorganic in a URL or an email address was against the policies as stated, but Jordan decided to let people do it.
Yours in good health,

Beyond Organic Compliance Department
Tel 800-560-3961
Fax 800-535-4916

Making Videos On Youtube

Hello Mission Marketers,

At the conference in West Palm Beach, Fl last year I met Josh. Josh is not in my downline but wanted to let everyone see how Josh along with his wife and baby are using you tube to make great videos about Beyond Organic.

Their Youtube Channels are (click on each link and view their views

Please do not send anyone to their videos or youtube channel to learn about beyond organic. They will get credit and you won’t. 

But Please do view some of their great videos to get some ideas how to market beyond organic and get new clients. Also subscribe to their youtube channel so you can get the newest updates from them.

Your hard work will pay off.

Please pass this email on to your downline. Let me know if you have any questions.

Paul Nison




Download and use this video to help promote beyond organic

Hello Mission Marketers,

I just interviewed Jordan Rubin and posted the video to youtube. Here is the video with no website link in the video. This link is for you to download. ***Please don’t share this link with anyone.***

1-Download the link to your computer
*The most simple way I know to do this is to get the video URL (this is the URL

and go to

2-Enter the link into keepvid to download.

3-Once you download it to your computer you can upload it to your youtube page or facebook or blog.

4-when you upload it made sure to put your beyond organic link below the video. Example
**this is my link. don’t use this one, use yours.

In the video I put several times, “to learn more about beyond organic” click on the link below.

When you post your video make sure you enter http:// first. This allows people to just click on the link and it will take them right to your site. From there they will sign up.

***Please share this post with your downline.

***Also remind everyone in your downline to join this site so they will get my future post to help you promote Beyond Organic and build your account.

Contact me if you have any questions

Beyond Organic Update 12-21-11

Just wanted to give everyone an updated about Beyond Organic.

The Beyond Organic commission plan is more than generous. They paid out more $ for a first month than any company in history but that’s not the part people want to talk about, but rather what they should be getting moving forward.

*BO has helped us all so much the first month by making people have to spend $399.00 for their first order. Sales in this 2nd month will come down almost by half but this is not a bad thing. It’s more realistic to how it would have been if BO didn’t help us so much the first month.

*People did get their orders late may not order until they run out of product. Since some people will still have product they may not reorder until later this month or next month

*We need to remind everyone in our download to place their auto ship order for the month so they stay active.

*Please ask everyone in your downline if they have any questions or need help

*I suggest you be in touch with the people in your top line at least once a week. It would be best to speak to them via the phone if possible.

Need help Marketing Your Beyond Organic Info?

I’ve been learning more and more about internet marketing. Here is an excellent document about marketing over the internet.

Many of the suggestions are free, they just take some time but can pay off big. I think you will get many people to sign up with Beyond Organic using any of these suggestions.
Paul Nison

Your Beyond Organic Team Leader

PS remember to share this with your downline

Converting your Insiders to Prospects

Hello Mission Marketers,

It has been asked how to convert the Insiders (Retail Customers) that you had signed up before November 1st into prospects in the Beyond Organic Prospect Generator.

Wesley Robinson in my downline has created an excellent  tutorial on how to do this. If you have Microsoft Excel it is very easy, but even if you do not you can still do it.

Click here to open the tutorial

Let me know if you find this helpful and leave me comments on other things you would like help with.

I want to thank Wesley Robinson who is in my downline for creating this tutorial and helping us all out. Thank you so much Wesley.