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Introducing Terrain – Living Herbal Nutrition

The next big thing in health, fermented herbs. Check it out

Join Jordan Rubin as he discusses the latest breakthrough in herbal nutrition. Learn how how you can transform your terrain with these powerful, living herbal supplements!

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Beyond Organic Skin Care & Free Shipping!

Jordan Rubin’s company Beyond Organic has a new skin care line out. If you care about your health you want to check this out. Also Beyond Organic now offers free shipping!

Beyond Organic Biltong

Last night at the “Live Beyond Organic 2012 Conference”  Jordan Rubin announced new products added to the already amazing products they have out.  .  One of the new items was “Biltong”. I know this item well because we just got back from South Africa. It’s very popular there. It’s like beef jerky but much better. I didn’t taste it in South Africa or at the conference because I don’t eat meat of any type but everyone there who tasted it loved it.

It will be for sale on the website in mid 2012

We are looking forward to Biltong from Beyond Organic being available sometime in mid 2012.

Green SueroViv

Okay everyone, here is my last update today from the Beyond Organic Conference. As a health teacher I’ve been promoting the importance of Green Foods in the diet. I’m so thrilled to announce Beyond Organic has added another flavor to their line of  their cultured whey beverage. Green SueroViv.

It has the following,

GreenFed Organic Cultured Whey
Reign Supreme Spring Water
Organic Honey
Organic Wehatgreass Juice
Organic Carrot Juice
Organic Lemon Juice
Organic Lemon Essential Oil
Probiotic cultures

It tastes like a sweet lemon aid. I’ll be doing a product review soon about it. It will be added to the website very soon for sale at:

Founder’s Cheddar Cheese

Attention Cheese Lovers. Another new product update breaking news from the Beyond Organic Conference. They added another flavor to their line of cheese. They are calling it Founder’s Cheddar.

They are offering it in a very limited supply so place your order soon.
Some of the information about it;
-Mold-ripened, raw, artisanal style Cheddar with Blue Cheese accents
-Creamy, sharp and bold flavor notes
-Should be consumed or properly stored within a week of opening

Beyond Organic will be selling it for the same price as their current cheese $15.00 a pound.
Officially it’s Founder’s Cheddar 2012 as they are calling it because it was made in early 2012 from the first batch of milk. They have a very limited supply.

Order today at:

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Blueberry Acai Amasai and Mango Peach Amasai

I’m currently at the Beyond Organic Conference, They just announced the newest flavors of their popular cultured dairy, Amasai, The two new flavors are Bluebarry Acai, and Mango Peach.

I just tasted them both and they are amazing. I’ll be doing a review about them soon but I have to say, as good as the original flavors were, I like these even better and I think you will also. Place your order today.


We Just got back from the Beyond Organic Conference. Beyond Organic announced many new products available soon. Out of all the new products, SueroGold was the product I liked the best.  It is part of the Suero Viv line of Beyond Organic ealth beverages, but this is non-flavored. It’s just whey and nothing else.

I’m excited because many people have been asking me when Beyond Organic was going to come out with this product and now I can tell everyone that it’s here!

Cultured whey has been prized for thousands of years but is virtually missing in our modern diet.  I’ll be doing a video review on this product soon, but get to the site and order some today.

You can use SueroGold in many different ways. It’s great for soaking grains or nuts and you can use it in just about any recipe.  SueroGold is a great starter  for making cultured veggies such as sauerkarut and kim-chi.