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Order your Raw Food from Beyond Organic Today

Dear {%toFirstName%},

I’m so excited about the new products beyond organic has coming up. And Free Shipping is now available. If you didn’t pre-order your raw food items yet, I know they will sell fast so get your orders in now.

Please let your downline know about this. Forward this email to them.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact me 561-238-1707


Paul Nison
Your Beyond Organic Team Leader

P.S. If you haven’t spoken to people in your downline they may not know about the new Free Shipping. Contact them and let them know. That can be the difference for them to place an order.


Beyond Organic Update 12-21-11

Just wanted to give everyone an updated about Beyond Organic.

The Beyond Organic commission plan is more than generous. They paid out more $ for a first month than any company in history but that’s not the part people want to talk about, but rather what they should be getting moving forward.

*BO has helped us all so much the first month by making people have to spend $399.00 for their first order. Sales in this 2nd month will come down almost by half but this is not a bad thing. It’s more realistic to how it would have been if BO didn’t help us so much the first month.

*People did get their orders late may not order until they run out of product. Since some people will still have product they may not reorder until later this month or next month

*We need to remind everyone in our download to place their auto ship order for the month so they stay active.

*Please ask everyone in your downline if they have any questions or need help

*I suggest you be in touch with the people in your top line at least once a week. It would be best to speak to them via the phone if possible.

Beyond Organic Help

As your team leader for Beyond Organic, I wanted to remind you and your upline about your monthly order you must place so you can receive commission. Also a tip about Amasi.

Place your order for December… Monthly Maintenance..

Hello Mission Marketers and Business Builders,

I wanted to remind you, to maintain your active status as a mission marketer for Beyond Organic, you have to place an order each month.

Either 100 points in Auto Shop


150 points on a monthly basis from your TTP, (you can only take 60% of the TTP from one leg for qualification and maintenance.

I understand this may be confusing to some of you but keep it simple and place an order each month on auto ship for at least 100 points. (the point vs. dollar amount chart is on the order page)

Let me know if you have any questions and remember to remind your downline they have to place an order.

Thank You

Paul Nison

Your Beyond Organic Insider Account Is About To Expire today. Take Action Now!

Hello Beyond Organic Insiders,

The time has come and today is the
last day to upgrade your beyond organic
You can do this for as low as
$39.95 a year.

If time is a factor I assure you with my help and
the help of my team, time will not be an issue.

I want you to know I have never been
a huge fan of direct selling companies,
which often produce inferior products
at inflated prices.  However, these are
literally the best quality foods and beverages
I have ever seen, and they will provide
real value to everyone who purchases them.

An area of focus for Beyond Organic that
aligns very well with my beliefs is their
mission to help feed and clothe widows
and orphans by partnering directly with
ministries and other non-profit organizations.

Their groundbreaking program called
“Give a Meal, Get a Meal” is powerful,

Now is your last chance to stay on my
team and upgrade your account to become
a mission marketer. If you don’t do this
today you will be purged from the system.

To upgrade is simple.

Just visit

and click enroll in the top right corner.
Fill that out and join as a mission
marketer and you are all set!

I know some of you haven’t checked in
awhile but all the information of products,
pricing and programs is now complete
and on the website.

Please contact me today if you need help
upgrading but remember it must be done
today. I’m happy to help you make the
most out of this.

Paul Nison


phone 561-283-1707

PS. If you do not want to join, but just enjoy the products for yourself, you can still be a retail customer at no costs for just $19.95. In that case you can get the 20% off your products. However if you want to make money from this and even possibly get your food for free now is the time to upgrade to a mission marketer.

Need help Marketing Your Beyond Organic Info?

I’ve been learning more and more about internet marketing. Here is an excellent document about marketing over the internet.

Many of the suggestions are free, they just take some time but can pay off big. I think you will get many people to sign up with Beyond Organic using any of these suggestions.
Paul Nison

Your Beyond Organic Team Leader

PS remember to share this with your downline

Beyond Organic Autoship Made Easy


Good Morning Team-The following is an important helpful post from David and Lucinda Robinson excellent blog to help keep us updated about Beyond Organic.

To receive the commission benefits as a Mission Marketer we must order a minimum of 150 PV (point value) per month OR 100 PV (point value) through the autoship program.

Select products you would like and add up their respective PV (point value) to reach the requirement. Attached is the price chart showing the PV (point value) for each product.
Click here for the pricing chart.

Our first monthly order for December must be submitted by the end of this month (November) so DO NOT WAIT. With daily activities and the upcoming holidays it would be very easy to forget.

Autoship is certainly the best option as it requires less product to be ordered and it is automatic, thus removing the possibility of forgetting each month. You can adjust the items in your autoship order from month to month so long as you make the changes before 14 days of your requested ship date.

We suggest you place your autoship order this weekend by the 20th.

To setup autoship from your Business Center, go to Autoships on the Business Center menu and choose Add.

Click here for a Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Your business income depends on meeting the necessary requirements to be “active” so do this today!

David and Lucinda Robinson

Thank You to Wesley Robinson for this important update