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Beyond Organic Conference Call Wednesday 12-21-11 at 8:00 pm est time

Hello Mission Marketers,

Subject: Beyond Organic Conference Call Wednesday 12-21-11

I am going to do a conference call tomorrow
about beyond organic. It is near the end
of the month and the end of the year.

This will be a very important call that you don’t want
to miss.

Wednesday, Dec 21st, 8pm eastern time.

Please join me

Dial in Number 605-562-3000
Access Code: 1044775#

Please let your downline know about it.

Wednesday night 12/21/11 at 8:00 PM

See you on the call!

Have a great day team!
Paul Nison
Your Beyond Organic Team Leader


CREDIT CARD PROBLEM With Your Beyond Organic Order?

Several on our team have been notified by
Beyond Organic Customer Service that
their credit cards have been declined. 

Many more on our team have had their
credit cards processed without a problem
and their order has been shipped.

Here are a few suggestions if your card
has been declined or if your order has
not shipped.

Check your credit card information

On your website go to Business Center
My account
Billing Information
Check the last 4 digits of your card and
expiration date for accuracy.

Call the Customer Service number on
the back of you credit card and notify them
that you have ordered from Beyond Organic
and expect a charge to be placed soon.

If your card has been declined please do these
two things and then call Beyond Organic
Customer Service (1-800-560-3961) to
have your card processed again.

**Thank you to team leader  David Robinson
for this update.


Are You Ready For Natural Disasters and Thank You For your Concern.

As you know a really bad storm has hit the east cost.
It was originally going to hit south Florida where I
live and many of you have contacted me with concern
and prayers. Thank you.
I was blessed that Hurricane Irene missed us.
I was not fully prepared if it did hit us, from my
experience we can never be fully prepared. However
as I made my list of what I need one of the most
important that came up was having clean,
drinkable water.
I never like to buy into all the fear driven media
that we see today (even on the weather channel…
amazing!) but I do think it’s important to stay
informed and make good decisions based on the
information we have.

I pray for everyone who was in the path of the storm
but the reality is, we are heading for harder times.
Being a member of Beyond Organic is a great start
to be prepared, but making sure we have clean drinking
water is essential to our health.

If you have a moment, please view this amazing webinar
about “How to make sure you have clean water forever”.
I think it’s especially important this week and for the future
events that are coming.

If you haven’t seen it yet you can see it be clicking on
the link below (you have to register for it but trust me…
it’s well worth it):

Here is the link to see the webinar:

Please share this Information with your downline.

Paul Nison