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Welcome, as your team leading I want to provide you with the latest news about what’s happening about Beyond Organic. Below are some videos to help you share the new.

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Beyond Organic by Jordan S. Rubin

“When I tell people that I have recently fulfilled a dream of mine by creating a sustainable, “beyond organic” ranch/farm, most immediately jump to the same conclusion. “So, you plan to raise grass-fed beef and pastured chickens and eggs, and milk organic dairy cows, goats and sheep” they assume. While I’m a huge fan of consuming grass fed meat and dairy, and am extremely passionate about transforming the health of our nation and world, this project is about completing a journey I started 15 years ago—and it feels less like a choice and much more like a responsibility.”

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Welcome Video

Conference Call #2

Conference Call #3

Conference Call #4

Here is a recent podcast interview I did for beyond organic on 5/30/11


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