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Introducing Terrain – Living Herbal Nutrition

The next big thing in health, fermented herbs. Check it out

Join Jordan Rubin as he discusses the latest breakthrough in herbal nutrition. Learn how how you can transform your terrain with these powerful, living herbal supplements!

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Beyond Organic Raw Vegan Foods

I’m so excited to announce Beyond Organic now has raw vegan foods as part of their healthy food products.


EA Live Foods and NuVino Beverages by Beyond Organic

Watch as Jordan shares the exciting details of our EA Live Food and NuVino Beverage lines, including the power of our raw/living cookies, granolas, crackers, nuts, seeds, tonic teas, super sodas and cultured coffees.

You can get all these items at 

Beyond Organic Black Friday Sales

This coming Black Friday through Cyber Monday November 23-26, Beyond Organic is having really great deals you DO NOT want to miss.

Watch this video by Jordan Rubin to see all the details including BOGO and new Gift of Health Packs.  These Beyond Organic Black Friday sales are ones to take full advantage of!


Beyond Organic Skin Care & Free Shipping!

Jordan Rubin’s company Beyond Organic has a new skin care line out. If you care about your health you want to check this out. Also Beyond Organic now offers free shipping!

The Suero Cleanse from Beyond Organic

ToThe Suero Cleanse is designed to support the body’s natural cleansing and detoxification systems and help you reach a higher level of health than you’ve every experienced.

Available in three options: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
Purchase at

Beyond Organic Foods Can Change Your Life

Paul and Lisa talk about why the new food company, Beyond Organic is so amazing.